Born and raised in Portland, OR I spent much of my youth playing sports and fishing with my father and brothers. Pretty typical middle-class, white suburbia stuff.

In the fourth grade I penned (actually penciled) a seven page, handwritten story about a pig who could fly. So all of your sarcastic comebacks referring to “when pigs fly” should be credited back to me. I keep close track and prosecute any copyright infringements. (I’m already after GEICO and their new commercial.)

Back then I had no idea I’d actually be a writer, but the seed was planted.

I don’t remember where I was when JFK was shot or when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon’s surface. (For God’s sake, I was age 3 and 9 respectively.)

I abandoned my early writing career, instead taking up disco dancing in High School. I know…white guy, little rhythm, but that was the class all the girls were taking.

College followed High School (I’m such a follower.) One year at Lewis and Clark College in Portland (to play soccer), followed by a few semesters at Mt. Hood Community College. That was the turning point in my writing career. I took three creative writing courses during my enrollment period. One was writing short stories that I enrolled in twice. Professor Steve was awesome. My stories, not so much. However, I got an “A” the second time around. I also took a poetry course and learned I’d never really understand poetry writing. I loved that class as well. Portland State University was next, pretty much a two-term afterthought.

Then a whole lot of life took place, most of it sans writing. But I never threw my writing journal away. Occasionally, I jotted down a poem or story idea.

I hired on with the FAA in 1988. My air traffic control career will end when I reach the mandatory retirement age of 56.

After the family moved to Colorado (they voted and I got to come along,) I re-energized my love for fishing mountain rivers and streams. Fly fishing was the norm, so I bought my first fly rod just after the Y2K scare. The earth stayed round, the rivers still flowed, so I kept fishing.

My fly fishing adventures led me back to my writing.

Here I am.

So are you.

Welcome. It’s nice to see you again.



Here’s a link to an article about my writing and work with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing: Click HERE.

More of my work: Blog Posts  Published Clips   Contact


5 thoughts on “Bio”

  1. Thanks for sharing some more of yourself. It seems to flow easily. Happy New Year. JP

  2. Congratulations Dean on winning Midlife Collage’s first $100 contest! Your winning story “Caught and Released” took the first place in a very competitive writing contest. The comments show how much our readers appreciate your talent for writing. Best wishes for continued writing success!

    Donna Balon, Editor
    Midlife Collage

  3. Writers are tormented. I say this because I only write when I am too tormented to not write. You help some tormented souls, my friend.

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