Sometimes the Walls Cry


walls cover

Sometimes the Walls Cry: A Book of Haiku and Sketch is now available. Released on May 13, 2016 via MDK, Inc., the book retails for $9.95. It is available on Amazon at this link: Purchase via Amazon


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You can read a portion of the book for free by CLICKING HERE:

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From the back cover: 

Sometimes the Walls Cry: A Book of Haiku and Sketch unlocks the door to the room where many of life’s uncomfortable topics are stored from view. Offered in the traditional seventeen syllables, many of the poems are complemented by sketches that are sometimes literal, sometimes abstract. They provide stark reminders of what others may think, feel, or fear.

Filtered between the haiku and art are blank pages where you can express your reactions, thoughts, or ideas via words, sketches, or intrinsic doodles. The choice is yours.