And Then I Smiled: Reviews

“A seemingly unrelated collection of essays, short reminisces and poetry, AND THEN I SMILED:  REFLECTIONS ON A LIFE NOT YET COMPLETE kind of breaks the rules because it also works well as a cohesive whole.  Only a deeply thoughtful and careful writer can pull this off, and Dean K. Miller manages admirably.  The reader can open this slim volume and start reading any page.  These pieces stand on their own and still provide a cumulative emotional punch.”

Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

* * * * *

“Dean Miller’s And Then I Smiled: Reflections On a Life Not Yet Complete is the kind of book that has a profound impact on the reader. As you read the poetic prose, it forces you to reflect on your own life and the special people who bring you joy. This book is a wonderful celebration of family, friends, and the challenges that make life worth living. I look forward to reading more from Dean Miller.”

Kenneth Harmon, Author: Fort Collins, CO

* * * * *

“A fortuitous surprise gift arrived in the mail for me. If you read no other book this year read, And Then I Smiled: Reflections on a Life Not Yet Complete by Dean K Miller. It’s “people food:” rich, delicate and delightful. Poignant passages consecrate common and often taken for granted everyday moments and turn them into sacred little miracles. Mr. Miller sees “what others choose to ignore.” He tool words well. Do not miss this book. I cried on more than one occasion upon reading it…and then I smiled.”

Nancy, retired English teacher: Fort Collins, CO

* * * * *

“And Then I Smiled…has a wonderful spiritual aura about it and reminds me of the work of Paulo Coelho.”
Carole Anne Carr, Author, Ludlow, England

* * * * *

“Thanks again for sending me your book. I very much enjoyed it. Of course I most enjoyed the parts about fishing, especially the times fishing with your father and brother. It reminded me of times with my Dad. You are able to paint a picture with your words that make the reader feel as if they are sitting stream-side. The part dedicated to your father and mother brought a tear to my eye. Like everything that you take on- it was well done.”

Gene S. (Wisconsin)

* * * * *

“A rare and poignant glimpse into the mind – but more importantly, the heart and soul  of a writer, presented with disarming candor, clarity, and grace. The words flow like his beloved trout stream, and the stark honesty of his revelations makes the reader grateful that this is, indeed, a life ‘not yet complete;’ there is more to come and I look forward to it.  A ‘must read,’ not once, but several times over.”

John Paul McKinney, PhD,
Professor emeritus, Michigan State University
Author of Charlie’s Angle

* * * * *

“Dean Miller’s words offer an introspective look at living and passion as a young monk trudges through the journey of life. A reflection of the past. A rumination in the present. A glimpse at the future. And Then I Smiled will leave you thinking…and smiling.”

Chuck Barrett, Bestselling Author of Breach of Power

* * * * *

Many times in our lives we question the journey, the purpose, the goals laid before and behind us. Miller relishes this uncertainty as part of the process. Whether he has the ocean sand between his toes or river rock beneath his waders, he absorbs the beauty of nature, of water, and reflects humanity with his varied prose and poetry. Bare and honest, full of hope and gratitude, Miller offers encouragement no matter the road you’re on.

Jen Shafer: Member-Northern Colorado Writers

* * * * *

“Dean Miller’s book, And Then I Smiled, is a must for readers who savor thoughtful writing. His poetic prose stimulates childhood memories, explores our shared experiences, and touches on life’s universal meaning. Dean’s sensual and spiritual poetry offers portals into the thoughts and feelings we all experience, and his style is honest and readable. This book can be read in any order, a morsel at a time, and be enjoyed over and over again. Kudos to the author for sharing his heart and his smile.”

Nan R: Ft. Collins, CO


“And Then I Smiled: Reflections on a Life Not Yet Complete is the kind of book that draws you in, makes you feel like a part of the author’s journey. Author Dean K MIller actually sums up the entire book perfectly in his essay called, Aloha Kauai with the words “O Ke’ola No Ia O Kia’I L Oko”, which translated means ‘Look for the life within’. And Then I Smiled does just that with humor, love, and a sense of purpose. This book is packed with life, of moments spent with family and friends, of meaning and grace.”

Author J.A. Kazimer


I received my copy of And Then I Smiled… and started reading it right away. I found it to be as inviting as Spring. I recommend this book with honor.”

Kerry Potts: Metlakatla, AK


I’ll be savoring your book for many years to come – revisiting the thoughts and ideas that touch my life. You’ve captured the experiences and feelings we all share and have done it with grace and style. Thanks for your words.

Nan Reed: Fort Collins, CO


I was sent the book And then I smiled…. by the lovely Mr Miller himself a charming gentleman with a childhood of fishing memories and a life time of figuring out the world writing a long his way. This book is compiled with many short phrases, poems and stories all in the aid of making you take time to think and smile. A philosophical kind of book that makes you look up from the page and notice all the wonders around you. It made for great light reading whilst having a coffee! This was an absolute beauty of a book to read having just finished Philomena which isn’t exactly on the cheery side.

Carla, UK


2 thoughts on “And Then I Smiled: Reviews”

  1. If you haven’t read And Then I Smiled, I recommend you go to a quiet place within yourself and read it. What we have in this book is a heartfelt and thought provoking work of art.

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