And Then I Smiled: Book

My book, And Then I Smiled: Reflections of a Life Not Yet Complete, is available cropped-atis-updated-cover-blue-bigger.jpg(Order it HERE, other options below.) Published via the independent Hot Chocolate Press label, And Then I Smiled . . . includes over 50 personal essays and stories. Sprinkled throughout the manuscript are 10 of my poems.

Finding grace in life’s simplest moments, And Then I Smiled: Reflections of a Life Not Yet Complete  transports readers on journeys ranging from beaches, mountain streams, city parks and to destinations in realms we seldom visit, both inside and outside the physical world.

Seemingly average moments of life create the backdrop for Miller’s keen observations and discoveries, touching on various facets of life, family, nature and the energy that surrounds us.

Check back for updates, freebies and other news concerning And Then I Smiled: Reflections of a Life Not Yet Complete.

To read a portion for free, CLICK HERE:

To purchase Dean’s book online: CLICK HERE.

Or, if you prefer ordering from CLICK HERE.

Amazon/Kindle: CLICK HERE.



Barnes & Noble Paperback: CLICK HERE.

NEW LOCATION!! And Then I Smiled . . . is now available in Grand Junction at Out West Book, located at 533 Main St. Their Facebook page is HERE.

If you are out and about in Northern Colorado, you can find my book at these fine retailers (click each store name for more information.)

Coming soon to:

Local Editions Books & Coffee, Longmont, CO

The Book Bar: Denver, CO

Fort Collins Coffee House: Fort Collins, CO

The Barber Lounge and Spa: Loveland, CO

Old Firehouse Book Store: Fort Collins, CO 

Outside of Colorado you can purchase And Then I Smiled . . . at these locations:

The Cannon Beach Bakery: Cannon Beach, OR: The books have arrived and are on sale! Thanks Robin and Dan for supporting my book! BTW: They are the best bakery on the OR coast!

Grassroots Book Store: Reno, NV  Great independent book store just off of I-580. Huge supporter of independents authors and publishers.


Solitary by Choice
The World Within
Moments of a Journey
Caught and Released
A Step Ahead
An Unnamed Memory
Moments of a Journey II
The Apprentice
Finding One

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8 thoughts on “And Then I Smiled: Book”

  1. Congratulations! I’m so looking forward to seeing your work in print. ~ Feeling very blessed today!

  2. Thanks, Jody. I’m a little excited, too!

  3. Congratulations, Dean. Love the title. The book promises a look at moments not so average … peaceful, maybe surreal. A beautiful accomplishment. Love the Senses of Life quotes and selected images. Good for you.
    Silvia @

  4. I’ll be savoring your book for many years to come – revisiting the thoughts and ideas that touch my life. You’ve captured the experiences and feelings we all share and have done it with grace and style. Thanks for your words.

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