I wrote the following six verse haiku poem in two parts: The first three are from my book Sometimes the Walls Cry: A Book of Haiku & Sketch (buy it here) and then wrote the last three verses in January 2017 for a submission to the Writing for Peace International Journal Dovetails (Buy it here.) The theme was Refugees and the displaced. I was honored to have my first major haiku submission accepted and published in the journal in May 2017.

And here we are, with Nowhere to Hide.

Nowhere to Hide

Election season
Democrat – Republican
Country torn apart

Puppet strings of wealth
Pull politician’s limbs
Pinocchio’s nose

Governmental lies
Hiding truth, greed rules landscape
Descent into Hell

Finger pulls trigger
Heart knows outcome; brain ignores
Hate, anger prevail

Fear drives us forward
Running from all that we know
Into the unknown

Our culture has changed
Truth or lies, no one can tell
Refugees at home