I sit –
I sigh –
cross-legged and uncomfortable
knowing that I must
or should
allow myself the freedom
to let go

of my worries
of my anxiety
of my aches and pains

and also

of my happiness
of my securities
of my comforts.

I sigh – again
less troubled
more relaxed
yet fidgety still
from the undercurrents of
of not letting go

mind too busy
legs too restless
breath too fast

And so I

concentrate harder
on letting go
on holding on to less

feeling my grip
loosen its clench
on responsibilities (I think)
I owe the world
At least as my mind
wants me to believe.

I can’t let go
of the feeling
of letting go
or the call to action
of doing nothing

and then realize
in my struggle
to let go of
the practice of letting go
I find

I am holding nothing
of importance
my self and soul
which I must

let go.

Haiku voices cry in vain 2

-sketch by Luana Krause-