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“A starting point is the place of nothing turned into something.” DKM (10/16/17)

We fear the state of nothingness, equating it to worthlessness, lack of being, etc. Yet mystics, sages, teachers, and masters all seem to point us to a place of nothingness, of letting go, so that we can become everything.

Society fights this notion. It’s always have more, buy more, be more, strive for more. The message of consumption, of never having enough, (which then is conveniently translated to us as “we are less because we have less”) of needing the next “great thing” which pounds us relentlessly.

If you feel as if you can’t get started, then maybe you have too much already. It’s time to let go, to empty your self, your space, your thoughts, your life.

Think you can’t find a starting place? I suggest taking a look around and see the nothingness that exists in so many ways, in so many places.

And then get started.


At one time there was nothing here. Wy’east, in all his beauty.