It’s been a long haul from my last post. Details are not needed. Suffice it to say there’s been joy and there’s been loss. But I am still standing, trying to shake the uncomfortable sadness of today’s society from the edges of my heart.

Just moments ago I found the following in one of my old files. I honestly don’t know who wrote this. I Googled it and didn’t find a match. It “sounds” like my style, but who knows. The posted date on the document is from August 2015. Now, more than two years later, I find comfort in these words. Tomorrow is a day many will not see. Make today’s journey memorable and worth the effort.

Eight Steps to Creating Joy on Your Journey

Often we get bogged down on our life’s journey. The reasons are many and some are certainly self-inflicted. Regardless of where we find our hurdles that seem too tall to jump, utilizing even one or two of the steps below can help you move forward. Here’s to continuing what we came here to do.

  • START HERE. Each day we begin from a starting point. It is important to acknowledge that point so you can then move in the best direction. Certainly you don’t have to accept where you are, but doing so makes progress an easier task to accomplish. Yesterday’s journey is only important in that if brought you to “here.” Tomorrow’s path isn’t a worry until you arrive there. Take stock of this “hear and now” and get ready to go!
  • Get the oxygen into your system. Relax, let go of worries and take a few deep breaths in, exhaling fully to get the bad mojo out of your system. Cleansing the inside can also cleanse the past, opening up new avenues for your future. A deep breath and a moment’s quiet can reclaim that which is lost.
  • LET BEAUTY/GOODNESS IN. Often we are advised to “seek happiness.” But what I have found is that if I start seeking, I only find myself seeking more and miss the beautiful things in life. Watch, observe, and honor yourself by allowing the good things around you into your life. You deserve them, but often we feel unworthy and end up blocking them out. Grant yourself a moment’s kindness and see what the world brings you.
  • MOVE FORWARD. Yes, it’s time to get up and go. Effort is required here. Celebrate the moments of movement and revel in the newness it brings. And remember, if you are moving in the direction of which you are facing, than you are moving forward. That’s always a good thing!
  • DO SOMETHING TO MAKE YOU SMILE. This relates to number three above. Do something that you enjoy for the simple sake of doing it. Or discover something new that creates a smile in your life. Moving forward with positive energy is much easier than grumping your way along.
  • HELP SOMEONE ELSE SMILE. Nothing makes you smile more than brightening someone else’s day. Offer assistance; pay something forward, or what have you. Make the gesture without expectation of reward or payback and see your happiness doubled.
  • LET GO AND ENJOY THE NEXT MOMENT. Nothing keeps us stationary like holding on to the past. Learn to take what each moment brings you, acknowledge it’s gift and that its sole purpose is to move you forward to the next moment, and then let it go. Keep your hands and heart open for whatever joy comes next.
  • DREAM AND SMILE. Close your eyes and see the dream is your future wrapped in a smile.