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Welcome, or welcome back. Either way I’m glad you’re here. First Wednesday brings many of us together and for that I’m grateful. Be sure to visit Alex Cavanaugh (our ninja creator of IWSG) here to pay homage to all that is great about writing. Also here are this month’s co-hosts so yes, visit them as well. They’re great writers who are great people, too!

JH Moncrieff
Madeline Mora-Summonte
Jen Chandler
Megan Morgan
Heather Gardner

This month’s optional question is rather poignant. It is, “Did you ever say “I quit”? If so, what happened to make you come back to writing?” Why yes, I certainly have. Many times. Though it doesn’t last long and the aftermath depends on the day of the week, the project(s) at hand, the weather, and so many other things.

Part of this “let’s bypass any serious writing” comes on the heels of the Colorado Book awards. It’s not that we didn’t win, but the 52 straight days of blogging, the anticipation of the awards, the ever-so-brief moment of letdown and then the “Wow, we really made it this far,” buttoned up with a week’s vacation on Cape Cod, that extinguished the candle that was already nearing burn out.

Someone extremely wise said, “If you don’t your view, change your perspective.” And so I did, from hopes and dreams, to reality (yes, as I see it.) There’s so much non-writing in front of me that my best hope of surviving is to scale back my time devoted to my projects. I bailed on one project, need to finish the one so close to being complete, then breathe, and then slide into the next long term project (that’s already started!)

Accompanying all of this is a wonderful batch of insecurity that showed up on my doorstep. Maybe it saw an opening in my revised schedule, I’m not sure. But man, am I ever doubting my creative abilities.

And there you have it. Peaks and valleys, sun and rain, wind and calm. Life.

On the plus side, I am spending more time reading and studying poetry.

Do you have specific summer writing goals/plans? Share them and help all of us stay inspired!