As I’m sure you  all know, I co-authored a 1980’s haiku book with the fabulous Kerrie Flanagan. The book is for sale at Fiftytwo80’s: A Totally Awesome Shop in Denver, an awesome 80’s themed store.


Film maker Sheryl Glubok is creating the film Lily N’ Rose (more info here) and was in Fiftytwo80’s: A Totally Awesome Shop, to find authentic props for the 80’s teen-themed movie. She saw our book and ordered 10 copies so the cast/crew would have a great reference for the decade. How cool is that?!!

Here’s where you can help:  The project is less than $2,000 away from reaching its funding goal. If you want to help (only 5 days left to help!) go here: Click this link.  I am excited to see how this film turns out and will be going to a pre-screening via my pledge.

Even if you don’t pledge to help, think about spreading the word. The world needs more girl power!