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The NCW parade of poets has reached its final day.  Today is the 51st day of poems being posted. As we’ve counted the days I am reminded of a poem of mine titled “Time Warp” that made the short list of Torrid Literature Magazine’s annual poetry contest a few years ago. Though the poem didn’t win, I was thrilled to have been close. I am also thrilled to be a finalist at today’s Colorado Book Awards for 2017. It will be awesome should we win, but to be at the ceremony as a finalist is an honor I had only dreamed of. Wish us luck and thanks for following along.


All of our contributing poets thank you for visiting this page, reading and supporting our work, and wish you great success in your writing endeavors.

Today’s poem is by anthology editor and contributing poet: Dean K Miller


Mortal men–
say you haven’t the time.
But I am not to be had.

And oh, how I envy you;
bodies, minds, souls.
But I—a recorded voice,
a glance at the wrist,
numbers on a wall.

You say, “Times are changing.”
But I remain unchanged.

You can’t see me
touch or smell me;
yet I rule your lives.

Nothing is as perfect.

I know not of days or nights
or a thousand years gone by.
Just now—an instant, unmoving.

And oh, how I envy you:
with eyes to see, hands to touch,
lives to live.

I am here
with no beginning,
with no end,
and everything in between.