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To carry on our love of all things poetry and to keep the energy high, I will continue to post poems by the contributing poets to the anthology until the Colorado Book Awards on May 21, 2017 (info by clicking here).


Today’s poem is by contributing poet: Ben Humphrey

Youth Remembered
No parental pressure to work
but there were jobs for extra cash.
For the youth,
     Paper route sloshing through rain,
     a winter storm, Mom drove be around.
For the adolescent,
     cafeteria helper, a free meal;
     I was allowed to keep my lunch money.
     Stable boy at a rich kids’ summer camp,
     learned how to shovel, saddle, ride.
I always worked and never knew why.
Maybe I thought it came with being a kid.
Generous parents, a good allowance
I banked it all, ethos, pathos and cash.