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To carry on our love of all things poetry and to keep the energy high, I will continue to post poems by the contributing poets to the anthology until the Colorado Book Awards on May 21, 2017 (info by clicking here).


Today’s poem is by contributing poet: Kari Redmond

Jig Saw

You said,
you can’t get here without making love first.
Our bodies puzzle pieces
Finally in their place
The search seemed endless

Each time, a different puzzle
My head on your shoulder,
your arm across my waist
Our legs a complicated map
We dared not shift, just a little bit longer
Never the same end twice

It was too hot for April
Too soon to be here
Too rare to risk noticing

Before this,
We never feared moving

The last time we made love…
Who knows it’s the last time?
You can only search so long
I no longer remember how to get there.