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To carry on our love of all things poetry and to keep the energy high, I will continue to post poems by the contributing poets to the anthology until the Colorado Book Awards on May 21, 2017 (info by clicking here).


Today’s poem is by contributing poet Nancy L. Reed:

Grapes, Grapes, Grapes

Grapes, grapes, I love to eat,
The skins are tart, the fruit is sweet,
My fingers are purple, so is my tongue,
I spit out the seeds, it makes me feel young.

The vines are heavy and very thick,
I’m relaxed and mellow when I pick.
It’s fun to poke my head inside
The fuzzy leaves where the grapes reside.

I pick in sunshine, I pick in snow,
And harvest as long as the grapes will grow,
And deep into winter when I savor the jelly,
I taste warm summer deep in my belly.

I earnestly hope and wish and pray
Those bountiful vines and fruit will stay
To nurture my heart, my mind, and my tummy,
‘Cause they’re plump and juicy and perfectly yummy.