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The April A to Z blog challenge has ended and we have a winner of a copy of Sunrise Summits: A Poetry Anthology. The winner is:  Lydia Howe. Lydia receives an editor signed copy of the book. She left several comments throughout the month and her comment for the “O” poem was randomly selected as the winner.

To carry on our love of all things poetry and to keep the energy high until the Colorado Book Awards on May 21, 2017 (info by clicking here) I will continue to post poems by the contributing poets to the anthology.

Today’s poem is by contributing author Doris Miller (no relation to editor):

                       by Doris Miller
Eyes meet
a twinkle, a spark
a few words
his locker next to mine.
Each day I wait for him
hoping he’d ask me for a date.
Months go by
we cruise the streets and wave.
Summer comes and I give up
drive the tractor in the hayfield.
A note left on my windshield
“Will you go out with me?”
“Yes, yes!”
But no telephone, no internet
drive to the post office, send a card.
Six weeks later he touches my fingertips
enfolds his rough farmer hands
around my dishpan hands.
Blood races through my body
a thrill of someone caring
for a lost me.
Two years later
a diamond ring slipped on my finger.
Nineteen months later
his tears splash on my wedding ring
sealing promises forever.
61 years later
his gold ring twisted off
a cold finger.