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Greetings and welcome to Poets on Display during National Poetry Month/Blogging From A to Z April Challenge. I’m doing a poetry theme, so each day this month I’ll be featuring poets from the book Sunrise Summits: A Poetry Anthology, which was recently selected as a finalist for the 2017 Colorado Book Awards in the anthology category (information about the awards can be found by Clicking Here).



It’s an honor for me to continue to share the work of those who contributed to Northern Colorado Writers first poetry anthology and to have this work selected as an award finalist. The poets included are a shining example of the talent found in Northern Colorado Writers, LLC.

The poem posted below is not from the anthology. This way you get a wider read of each poet’s work. It’s been a challenge to get the poems to fit the letter theme, but I think I’ve worked it out. I  hope you enjoy what you read here.

Today’s letter:      N

Today’s Poem:  Naked by Dean K Miller


And they with balding heads,
their half-dollar spectacles,
and beards that almost touch
the floor (when they lie down).

With smiling metaphors
and metaphysical similes,
and insights of all that’s nuclear,
I find it more–unclear.

Maybe it’s because I work
for a living–A real job
that pays real money
which is always enough
to be starving,
but not an artist.

A love found by the oceanside
or with the girl next door
seemed foreign to me.
Maybe it just didn’t happen.
Or I blinked
at the wrong time.

And sure I thrill at
the sight
of an exotic dancer
and see the statement she is making;
Except that she is naked.

(Previously Published in Torrid Literature Journal & Echoes: Reflections Through Poetry and Verse. Reprinted with permission.)

Dean’s Bio:

Dean is a freelance writer, member of the Colorado Poets Center, and of Northern Colorado Writers. His poetry has appeared in several print and online literary magazines. His first poetry book, Echoes: Reflections Through Poetry and Verse was published by Hot Chocolate Press in November 2014. He published his next poetry book, Sometimes the Walls Cry: A Book of Haiku and Sketch and Sunrise Summits: A Poetry Anthology via his own imprint, MDK, Inc. (now MDK Press, LLC). He will release his first A-B-C coloring book using haiku later this spring. He spends his spare time fly fishing and planning his upcoming retirement.

Note: On May 1, 2017 I’ll be drawing one winner to receive a copy of Sunrise Summits: A Poetry Anthology. Each day you visit and leave a comment, you’ll earn one entry for the drawing. (Only one entry per day can be earned, regardless of number of visits/comments) That’s a potential of 30 entries for the drawing! Winner to be announced on this blog on May 1, 2017.

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