Ok, so I get it. I’m one day away from the insanity that is the A to Z blog challenge that I’ve combined with April’s National Poetry Month. I should be resting up, or scheduling posts, right? Ok, Ok, in a minute. But first, a news flash:

flash.jpgFLASH! Fiction Anthology, the second flash fiction anthology put together by Jason Brick is only 10 days from ending its Kickstarter campaign. There are a couple of goals the movement is trying to reach and you can learn more (and donate if you want) by Clicking Here.

The FLASH! anthology contains 100 authors whose stories are told in 1,000 words or less (Mine came in at 999!) Over a year in collection and planning, the book will make a great edition to any reader’s book shelf.  Take a few minutes and check out Kickstarter page. I, along with 99 other great writers, thank you.

Don’t forget that next Wednesday is the first Wednesday of April, and of course, that  means the Insecure Writers Support Group posting day. I’ll be posting a letter “D” poem along with a bit of insecure babble about my present state of writing paralysis. It’s always a good show and you meet tons of friendly and supportive writers willing to lend you a shoulder to cry on, gentle words of advice, or clapping and cheering if you’ve done well for the month.

Now, if I had just one more event to squeeze in next week, I’d have no free time what-so-ever.

I’ll see you in April for A to Z blog challenge and National Poetry Month posts . . .tomorrow!