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Near record warm temperatures and a lack of moisture opened up the Big Thompson river earlier than I can remember. Taking advantage of the warmth, I high-tailed it up past Estes Park to a sweet spot I’m fortunate to have access.

I am blessed, as the photos show, to be able to spend three hours in solitude with nature while fishing for an amazing array of beautiful trout. I meandered the mile stretch of river without encountering another soul, fishing or otherwise. In between casts and retrieving flies from tree limbs, I contemplate my life, my world, saying a prayer of thanks to those who’ve helped me along my path, and a second prayer for those who are struggling to make ends meet.

Someone wiser than me once said, “Find your happy place and go there often.” I’m thankful for so many “watery happy places” that exist in my world and for the numerous times I am able to visit.


The “Swing Hole” provided several hook-ups


Remnants of earlier wind storm


When someone says, “I’m going to church” this is what I envision.


A few pockets of ice remain but the river is open for business.


The river always provides gifts besides fish-I found this exiting the river on my way home.

Share you happy place(s) if you wish and maybe, one day, just maybe, we’ll meet there.