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Here’s today’s bonus haiku question. Answer correctly and you’ll be entered to win a copy of the book at the end of the week. Use the fill in form to answer. Answers left in comments will be erased and not eligible for entry. After you’re done be sure to click on the link below (or the HCP Image) to go to the Facebook page to enter there as well. HCP is doing an 80’s trivia quiz which may not be from the book, so you’ll need to be all the more 80’s intelligent!

Here’s today’s haiku challenge:

The old lady asked:
“Where’s the beef?” Um, duh, just look
In between the buns!

What is referenced in the haiku from the 80’s haiku book?

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Publisher of the wacky and cleaver book 100 Haiku for the 80s Generation, written by Kerrie Flanagan and yours truly, and designed by graphic artist Carmen Ruyle Hardy, HCP will be running an 80’s trivia challenge next week. Get the right answer and you are entered in the drawing for a free copy of the book!