Yup. We made it! 2017 has arrived and we are moving full steam ahead. Thanks to Ninja Captain Alex Cavanaugh and his bevvy of co-hosts, 2016 is behind us and we look forward to another great year of writing ahead. Can I get an Amen?!

Early in 2016 I made a pact with myself to make the year a “breakout writing year.” Yes there were obstacles, including a long summer without many words churned out, but as I look back, I believe I met my goal. I’ve got lots on the calendar for 2017 and it could, again, be a challenging endeavor. There are many “ambiguities” that lay ahead for me and only time will tell what impact they will have on my writing career. I am committed as ever to continue to improve, expand, and enjoy my own writing.

And I’m committed to helping as many others as I can along the way. So here’s my pact with you:  If you need someone to talk with, text with, email with, about your writing pleasures, pains, successes, stuck-ness, block, hump, hills, happiness or anything else, drop me a line via email, facebook, or twitter (find info here.) I’ll get in touch as soon as possible and help as best I can. Never feel like your all alone on your journey. I’ll help carry your burden, share a smile, and send you on your way with support.


I look forward to a great year ahead with all of you. Be sure to visit and thank Alex and this month’s co-hosts (listed below.) Without them, we’d be adrift for sure!

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