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Yup, it’s back (already!) The Insecure Writer’s Support Group first Wednesday of the month post. Founded and Fathered by Alex Cavanaugh, this month’s co-hosts/hostesses are: Jennifer HawesJen ChandlerNick WilfordJuneta KeyJH MoncrieffDiane Burton and MJ Fifield. Be sure to visit and say hi to all of them!

December announces the close of the calendar year for us, (except those living off the fiscal calendar of their choice.) It’s a time of celebration, traditions, family and also a time of looking back. I set a serious, yet somewhat generic goal of making 2017 my “breakout year in writing.” I’ll post next month to let everyone know how I think I did.

December is also a time of limited writing for many of us. The demands grow greater during this season of hope, prayer, faith, and strength, which is being tested by the world around us every day. I struggle with time management enough already and now I look ahead to the next four weeks and wonder how, or if, I’ll get anything done. Yes, this sounds woefully weak and fearful, and I know, deep down, not completely true. But it’s a worry I still keep in my head (set it free, Dean! Set it free!)

Speaking of looking ahead, this month’s IWSG question does just that:

In terms of your writing career, where do you see yourself five years from now, and what’s your plan to get there?

As I ponder the future, my immediate attention is drawn to the waning months of my FAA career. I’m sure I’ll be working through the summer of 2017, but after that, it’s pretty much a crap-shoot. We are considering several options of where to live, planning time to visit a few more places to help us decide. Since there are no definitive plans on where our daughters will be in the the near future, a big part of our decision is anchored around our two dogs, Snickers and Bear.


We’ll need to locate somewhere we can drive, though Spain beckons to our hearts. One thing that is for sure is that I plan to write everyday, even if for only an hour or so. Right now, that’s an uncommon occurence. Regardless of where we replant our roots, I hope to release my first novel (draft 1.5 still chilling in the drawer,) put out a couple of memoirs, and several books of poetry. You know, nothing too ambitious. How I get there will be as unconventional as has been my path to my present writing location. Never straight, often uphill (sometimes in feet of snow!) but always moving forward in my effort to improve with every key stroke. And maybe I’ll put a smile on the faces of my readers (yes, plural gosh-darn-it) along the way.

The best part of wherever my writing journey takes me, I’ll always have the wonderful support from writers like you. For that, I say, “Thank you very much!”

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, bountiful Boxing Day, Kool Kwanza, and so forth. May you find happiness in your life and words on your pages.