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Looks like we made it through the ups and downs of election week. Congrats, but then again, it is Monday. Maybe we can get some congressional support to do away with Monday mornings!

Saturday I spent three hours at the Loveland Public Library’s Local Authors Showcase. Over 50 authors were in attendance. A nice crowd filtered through the event most of the afternoon.


Here was my table right before setup completion. Across the front, from left to right you’ll see:

A Poetry/Creative Non-fiction Book, a Poetry Book, a Book of Haiku & Sketch, A Poetry Anthology, a repeat of the first book with a different cover, and  second Haiku Book.

Over the course of the afternoon I sold a total of three books, an average of one book per hour. I also wrote eight haiku poems for the Haiku for You Project, given away for free. Not even making minimum wage here, even before the new CO law goes into effect.

But you know what? It was awesome. I spoke with several local authors, chatted with patrons who read some pages of my books but didn’t buy them, and watched several authors sell novel after novel. Great for them! Everyone needs readers. Sometimes poets struggle a bit more to find them. But we don’t stop writing poetry.

Often, when people find out I am an author, they are intrigued and of course ask, what kind of books I write. When I tell them it’s mostly poetry, more often than not, there is a let down to my response. Their shoulders droop, their interest wanes and the conversation either dies right there or heads to the ever popular “I’d like to write a book someday.”  And so we follow that train of thought and I encourage them to write their story.We can never have enough books and we need people to write them. Not everyone writes poetry. Cool. Some of us do. Some of us are brave enough to publish our work. Some of us aren’t, but one day . . . maybe.

I find the truths of the world in many places and never withdraw from acknowledging when someone else’s words are more on point than mind. So, to answer the question,  “Why do I continue to write poetry?” I present the following:


Reader’s beware: There is a #haikurevolution on the horizon. It starts here, it starts now.

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You have been warned.

Imperfect humans
Can create a perfect world

Like so many trees

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