Welcome to the Insecure Writer’s Support Group Wednesday. Thanks to Alex Cavanaugh and his entire gang of mistral’s who keep this great tradition moving forward. Check out this month’s co-hosts

Beverly Stowe McClure
Megan Morgan
Viola Fury
Madeline Mora-Summonte
Angela Wooldridge
Susan Gourley

and see everyone’s answer to this month’s question:

When do you know when your story is ready?

For myself, it’s all about my gut feeling, intuition, and knowing that anything else I do to the story will change it, but not always make it better. Sometimes I stop, re-read once more, knowing I gave it my best and let the story or poem go free. Doesn’t say it might come back home a litte beat up, a little stronger, and a little wiser, and then pull on my pant leg and say, “Hey Mister, you forgot something here.”

So I listen to my heart and the words, maybe making a change or two. Often though, it stays as is, complete in and of itself, to journey off again.


Speaking of knowing when things are done, check back tomorrow to find out what is finally done!