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Too late! What’s been kept hidden is starting to pour out and I have no way to stop it. Besides, to do so would dishonor that which must be allowed to roam free.

Summer has been great and summer has been the shits. Still the sun rises and the movement is either forward or not. Stagnation has soaked too deep in many of my days.

Utter frustration and hopelessness reigns in others. All is not lost and I’ve share many smiles across the USA and in another country this summer. But I have seen the underbelly of hate, racism, and poverty that shakes my core.

A couple years ago I wrote the following:

A Moment of Life

“Many live in fear that someone will take away what they perceive to be theirs. An equal number live in fear that no one will give them what they perceive they deserve. The compilation of these fears often divides families, neighbors, cities, states countries and continents. Has the heart of mankind been cast into a dungeon so dark that its love seldom reaches the light of day?

No, it is there, waiting for a place to shine.

It is time to break the grip of fear.

I promise, should I find you in a place of need, I will not ask if you are Democrat, Republican, Independent or Ambivalent. I will not ask if you are pro-life or pro-abortion, if you are for gun control or not; or where your ancestors are from. I will simply offer my hand to help lift yourself to where you desire to be and then let go so you move forward on your journey.

And I will be smile, thankful for having found a friend.”

Though heartfully true at the time, the things I continue to witness have me questioning whether I can own these words as wholly truthful. This fear, feeling, doubt, and whatever else we want to label it, cuts deep. I need these wounds to heal, yet every day I see more examples which casts a shadow large enough to swallow me whole.

No, I’m not giving up and no longer will I be silent. There is healing to be had, learning to encounter, and life to be lived. Today is  the first step. The journey will last my lifetime.


****Not Safe For Work ****

The song in the video “found” me a couple of weeks ago. I was captivated by the lyrics, feeling it conveys some of my feelings and what I believe is part of a larger societal problem. It’s a poppy, catchy tune but does contain the “F” word twice, but that’s it. (Note: the video has over 40,000,000 views!)

As usual, music weaves an answer, some hope, a revelation in my live. I’d be lost without it.

To view the video CLICKETY-CLICK HERE