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The world continues to broil and boil with summertime heat and wars across the globe. The big picture often looks gloomy, so maybe looking closer to home can provide relief. If you feel overstressed (or even just slightly stressed) get outside and take a walk. Say hello to a neighbor you haven’t seen in a while. Smile at the sound of a child’s laughter. Give a stranger a copy of your favorite book. Anything to brighten your day . . . and possibly that of someone else, too.


Getting out with the crowd – Funchal, Madeira


With the Copa Centenario and Euro 2016 being televised, I’m spending more time than usual in front of the television. So much fantastic talent on display for futbol fans to enjoy. Maybe we could settle our differences on the pitch instead of the battle field.


Another Platte Rivers Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing trip is on tap for this coming weekend. We’ll be at Crystal Lakes with 12 heroes enjoying commardere, fishing, food, and great weather. I am so honored to be a part of this organization and have made life long friends with many who I’ve met along the way. Probably some photos next week. Here’s a photo from a previous PHWFF outing.




Work is moving forward on two of my own writing projects: I am editing the first Northern Colorado Writers Poetry Anthology for our members. So far we have over 6000 words of poetry accepted and more to come. Look for news later in July about the project and a cover reveal in August (hopefully!) Second, I am again working with artist Luana Krause on our second Haiku/Coloring book. This one, tentatively titled H is for Haiku is a children’s educational book. Each letter of the alphabet is accompanied by a haiku using each letter for words in the haiku. Two drawings will be with each haiku for the kids to color, along with instructions on haiku, counting syllables, etc. for educational purposes. Look for a late summer/early fall release via MDK, Inc on both projects.

I’m also working on early plans for my next haiku book, working title Twin Mirrors: Reflections of Life in 17 Syllables. 


As the election season continues is mega-money train ride through the country, I pray we can find common ground on so many hot-button topics. (Isn’t there a better use of all this money?) It seems to me we’ve lost our way as a country. (A couple of haiku poems in my latest book address this issue.) This is still a great country to live and I am proud of how most of us conduct ourselves in our daily life. Sometimes we have look a little harder to find that humanity still exists and the good will of others is still a deep rooted notion in this nation. One way not to get discouraged is to turn off the evening news. Another is to go out and create your own good will!


Just read this: “The key to having a balanced diet is to have chocolate in both hands.”


What’s shaking your tree these days? Let us know in the comments section below.