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Six hours of blissful solitude on mountain lakes brings this writer and fly fisher incredible moments of joy and clarity of spirit. Everyone has their “church” of choice. Mine is watery, trout filled, lakes and streams in tucked away places where I can hear the voice of nature as it was intended to be heard.


I am unable to answer why the call of trout on a fly inspires me so. I know that each one, in its own beautiful way, teaches me how we are all different and gorgeous. As much excitement is felt releasing each amazing fish as there is on initial hook-up.


The experience is never the same, even for fish caught from the same drift. How awesome is that? And then something like this wanders nearby, munching fresh willow buds lakeside.


Life spirals by in timelessness, passing by both fast and infinitely slow at the same time. Is that possible? I say it is.

Find your passion, experience the joys and release it brings, then leave it better than you found it.