SWC haiku cover

It’s almost here! To celebrate MDK, Inc. is offering a discounted pre-sale of the book Sometimes the Walls Cry: A Book of Haiku and Sketch. Written by Dean K Miller and illustrated by Luana Krause, this book of three line poems opens the door to many of life’s more difficult topics. In only seventeen syllables, these haiku will challenge your thinking, create reactions, and hopefully inspire discussions. Included in the book are several blank pages on which you can create your own art, poems, or intrinsic doodles in response to the poems.

List price of the book is $9.95 + shipping.

If you would like to pre-order this book of stark poems and interpretative sketches at a 20% discount ($7.95 + shipping), simply fill out the form below. When the book is released, you will receive an email with a link to purchase the book and a discount code to apply at checkout. The discount code will be applicable for one month from the date of publication.

Along with your discount code you will receive a  free”sampler pdf” from Hot Chocolate Press to enjoy until my haiku book is released. The sampler contains selections from all of the great works published through HCP, including my first two books.

Thanks for your support. Luana and I hope you enjoy Sometimes the Walls Cry.