As snow falls on this last day of April, the time has come to sit down, be “writing-productive” and move forward.

Tomorrow is a big day as I’ll be reading my essay “Fabric of My Memories”along with several other contributors to Writing For Peace’s annual international journal of the arts anthology Dovetails. This year’s theme is “Family & Cultural Identity,” with cover art by Allen Forrest.


The evening will surely be a challenge for two reasons: 1) I still cannot read through this essay without tearing up, and now that I require glasses to read, the  tears will pool up on the frames. Yikes! and 2) the other contributors/readers are an amazing group of talented writers. Yikes! again. But it will be fun and I am tremendously honored to included in the Dovetails anthology for a second straight year.

On the haiku front:Cover JPG

My first book of haiku is moving closer to publication. The interior is done and checked. Only one small change on the cover (thanks to Jennifer at Tulip Tree Publishing for help this!) and I’ll be sending in the final copy for a proof printing. Look for pre-sale information coming soon.

The Haiku For You Project got great action last weekend at the Northern Colorado Writers Conference. Nearly 40 poems were added to the collection, inching ever closer to being 1/3 complete. Hopefully a busy summer will help fill volume 1 to its 300 haiku mark so it can be published. Be sure to check the Project’s page (HERE) to keep tuned in about live, write-in events or to schedule one of your own.
haiku poster3-page-001Last Saturday was Platte Rivers Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing annual Dinner/Auction event. Though I didn’t sell many books or write many haiku, the event was another successful evening. Included in that was my opportunity to give the founder father of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Col. (ret.) Ed Nicholson a copy of our anthology. It was an honor to sit at the head table with him and be able to chat about several things.


Also at the head table was honored speaker and Vietnam veteran Lt. (ret.) Lee Alley. Lt. Alley heads up the Wyoming Veteran’s Association and works tirelessly to improve the situations and lives of Wyoming’s veterans. He wrote a book after coming home from the war and we got to chat about writing and a few other things.


It was breathtaking to stand with heroes of this caliber, including Platte Rivers Chapter founder Duane Cook. It is because of men like these, along with the women veterans and countless volunteers that make PHWFF the success it is. To be an active part of an organization that is changing lives continues to be a highlight of my life.

The winter weather is sure to change soon (fingers crossed) which brings about the chance to get out on the water and do some fly fishing. Until then, work begins on haiku books 2 and 3, more writing for book 4 and the anticipated launch of another haiku book that I co-wrote with the talented Kerrie Flanagan.

Thanks for stopping by. Leave a note in comments on your own accomplishments. Let’s share our successes and keep sending positive energy out to the universe!