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Today is national Haiku day and to celebrate here’s the cover reveal of my first haiku book:


Cover JPG

This book is a sure departure from traditional haiku books. Inspiration for the poems were drawn from my life experiences, both lived and witnessed. Topics cover a wide array of themes, including life, death, love, anger, murder, climate, loneliness, happiness, fear, nature, mental disease, war, and more.

While many of the topics remain shrouded in fear and shame, it is my hope that in the brevity that is haiku, we can at least acknowledge the more difficult parts of today’s societal short comings and outfalls.

Sometimes the Walls Cry contains nearly 40 sketches by Wyoming artist Luana Krause, including the cover art. The cover sketch was done for a different poem, but became the inspiration for the title of the book and subsequent first haiku in the book. Additionally, the book contains blank pages that follow the haiku without one of Luana’s drawings, thereby allowing the reader to draw their own sketch about the poem, write in their own haiku of a similar theme, or simply doodle whatever comes to mind.

Look for a mid-May release from MDK, Inc.


Thanks to all who have provided support and encouragement as I wavered, wandered, and wondered if I could create such a book. I am excited to bring it to life.