Yes, it’s that wonderful time of month again (no, not that one ladies!) when we writers across the globe take pity on ourselves and support the others feeling the same. Thanks to Alex Cavanaugh for starting this group and his handful of loyal minions who work behind the scenes to keep us alive. Visit the Insecure Writer’s Support Group page for more info. And be sure to visit this month’s co-hosts as well.

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I missed last month’s postings due to family issues which threw off my time table, among other things. Some life lessons are there to remind you what’s important, what can wait, and what can be let go. Dear IWSG friends, I shall not let go of you.

This month I find myself moving forward in a direction with my writing that I’ve been dreaming about for quite some time. The freedom of writing what I want, in the manner I want, be it good, bad, or indifferent is as exhilarating as it is scary. Thus, this month’s insecurities. But I shall quench this thirst and seek the next writing fountain.


Yup, that’s my logo for my publishing venture. Small time, small press, small books to start, I’m diving in to working on my own. Well, sort of. My goal is to publish my own book of haiku on April 17, 2016 which happens to be Haiku Poetry day (More news on another release next month!) I am working on a haiku book that is far from traditional, as I deal with many of life’s sensitive and sometimes hidden subject matter. I’m not working alone though. I’m contracting with Ms. Luana Krause (WEBSITE HERE) , sketch artist and writer  who is sketching her interpretations of the poems. I review them and then we make changes to filter in some of my thoughts. Here’s one of my favorites (you’ll have to wait to see the haiku.)


Haiku clams 2

This book has inspired my sense of responsibility as a writer to breach topics that are uncomfortable to some and yet, so necessary to others. I’m still working on a good title and cover for the book. I enjoy the collaborative part of this work. Here’s another one of my early favorites:

Haiku voices cry in vain 2

Though I am venturing into uncharted territory, I am excited as all get out to make this happen.  I must thank so many of you, who, through you posts and feedback, have given me the confidence to pursue this project.

Like you I have my doubts and like you, I am pushing them aside to create that which only I (and we) can create. Without us, words are simply words. With us, they come alive to share our courage, love, hate, anger, joy, sadness and so much more so that others might live, even if for a short while, a life which they’ve only dreamed about.

Tell us what’s been holding you back, where you’re breaking through, and how you are getting there.