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Yup, it’s First Wednesday of the Month IWSG post. I’m so overwhelmed, nervous, and insecure about the release of the anthology yesterday, I completely forgot of today’s significance. So I’m moving forward. The authors deserve their day, even when I make an error in scheduling. Next month I’m sure I’ll be back on track, as insecure as ever, wondering what else I can do to ease the strain in the writing world! Leave a comment below and you’ll be entered to win a copy “The Water Holds No Scars: Fly Fishing of Rivers & Rejuvenation.” 

Stay strong, positive, and keep supporting each other via IWSG.
Thanks to Alex Cavanaugh, creator of IWSG and this month’s co-hosts.
Sandra Hoover, Mark Koopmans, Doreen McGettigan, Megan Morgan,and Melodie Campbell



Welcome to the tenth interview with the author/contributors of the Dec. 1 release anthology, The Water Holds No Scars: Fly Fishing Stories of Rivers & Rejuvenation, published by Tulip Tree Publishing, LLC.


Today’s author/interview is with Bryan Lally, a freelance writer and reporter. His previous work has appeared in the Yellow Chair Review and Shotgun Honey. He and his family live in Portland, Oregon.

O’Leary’s essay in the anthology is titled Starting Over.



1)  Tell us about your first fly fishing rod and where you used it.

The story I wrote kind of tells it all. I didn’t start fly fishing until a couple years ago and so far I’ve only used a tenkara rod, still haven’t tried a full-fledged fly rig. But I think that’s going to change in the spring.

2)  You get the chance to write (but no fishing!) near a stream or pond. Your choice: Write with uninterrupted silence wondering if there are fish nearby, or; Write with fish constantly rising, slurping, and popping the surface the entire time. Which do you choose and why?

I’m way too easily distracted as it is. If the distraction were fish then I wouldn’t stand a chance of getting anything done.

3)  Do you have a favorite fly and/or a favorite writing pen (or place to write)? Tell us about it/them.

I’ve never invested in a nice pen, as I’d only lose it. My only requirements are that the ink be blue and colorfast. There’ve been times when I’ve written things and accidentally gotten the paper damp – maybe raindrops or a wet dog shaking off – and all the words washed away. Something I thought was permanent ended up lost forever. Why do they even make soluble ink?

4)  Every fly fisherman/woman has a favorite fishing story (other than the one in the book.) Tell us yours (succinctly as possible.)

I was sitting on the back porch of my cabin on Mt. Hood, overlooking a sweet little creek. Upstream I see a fly fisherman in the water, gradually working his way toward me. When he gets within earshot I strike up a conversation. He says he knows the creek well and there’s a big trout hanging out in a hole right in front of me, but he hasn’t been able to hook it. He gives it a few casts but comes up empty.

After he leaves I get out my tenkara and tie on an ant pattern. On my second cast the big guy bites and I land a nice fat brook trout. Would love to have kept it but didn’t have the heart. Hopefully it will make lots of baby trout in the spring.

5)  Let’s test your writing skills. Write a standard haiku about fly fishing.

Brevity is not my strong suit, but here goes:

Wiggle wiggle pull
Splash and shout fish on the joy
Never forgotten

 6)  Your final choice: You get to fish one place whenever you want, but only that place for the rest of your fishing days. Friends/family can come to fish with you, but cannot fish anywhere else. Where do you fish and why?

Now you’re going to make me give away my favorite spot? Oh well, not like it’s a big secret. I’d choose the Salmon River. Majestic fir trees a hundred feet tall, clear water, a variety of fish big and small, riffles, eddies and pools, good campgrounds.


Thanks, Bryan for being here today. We look forward to reading your essay Starting Over along with the other great submissions on December 1, 2015.

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Thursday’s interview, 12/03/15  is with Tony Seahorn, purple heart recipient, fly fisherman extraordinaire, and veteran support champion.


Order your copy through Tulip Tree Publishing HERE.