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Welcome to the seventh interview with the author/contributors of the Dec. 1 release anthology, The Water Holds No Scars: Fly Fishing Stories of Rivers & Rejuvenation, published by Tulip Tree Publishing, LLC.

Today’s author/interview is with Kerrie Flanagan. Kerrie is an avid writer, having published over 130 articles and several books and is owner/operator of Northern Colorado Writers, Inc. and Hot Chocolate Press. I was honored to be on the river with her when she caught her first trout on a fly.

You can connect with Kerrie at her website HERE.
She is also on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

Kerrie’s essay in the anthology is titled A Perfect Day



1)  Tell us about your first fly fishing rod and where you used it.

My first a fly rod is the one I still use. It is a 9ft. Sage 5 weight. The first time I used it was fishing in the Big Thompson River on a pretty cold autumn day. Snow covered the banks, the frigid water numbed my feet, but I was thrilled to be out on the river casting my line in water waiting for my next hit.

2)  You get the chance to write (but no fishing!) near a stream or pond. Your choice: Write with uninterrupted silence wondering if there are fish nearby, or; Write with fish constantly rising, slurping, and popping the surface the entire time. Which do you choose and why?

I would definitely choose the place with uninterrupted silence. If the fish were constantly rising to the surface, I would not be able to concentrate. I would probably get as close to the water (and maybe even in it) in order to watch the fish. I would not be able to sit still and write.

3)  Do you have a favorite fly and/or a favorite writing pen (or place to write)? Tell us about it/them.
4)  Every fly fisherman/woman has a favorite fishing story (other than the one in the book.) Tell us yours (succinctly as possible.)

My favorite fly and my favorite fishing story go hand in hand. My favorite fly is a Beaded Olive Woolly Bugger. This is the fly that landed me a fish that may end up being the biggest trout I every catch. It was a beautiful clear morning on a private lake in Loveland, CO.  My two fishing buddies and I were looking forward to catching some big trout. In the late morning sun after a few close calls, I got a hit on my line. As I reeled it in closer and closer, it became clear that the fish on the end of my line was quite big. After a few minutes of playing the fish I was able to get it close to the shore. I was glad one of my friend’s was nearby with a net because I wouldn’t have been able to net it by myself. We were all in shock when we saw the beautiful Rainbow Trout filled the net and then some. It was a challenge for me to hold onto it, not only because of the weight, but also because of its wide girth. I ended up wrapping my arms around it to keep it steady for the photo before releasing him back into the water. After some high fives, I sat down, cracked open a celebratory beer and hoped it all wasn’t a dream. (Editors note: It’s the fish she’s cradling above!)

5)  Let’s test your writing skills. Write a standard haiku about fly fishing.

My fly gently lands
Enticing a fish to bite
I wait and one hits!

 6)  Your final choice: You get to fish one place whenever you want, but only that place for the rest of your fishing days. Friends/family can come to fish with you, but cannot fish anywhere else. Where do you fish and why?

This one is difficult to answer because I have not fished that many places outside of Colorado. I’ve heard of some many wonderful places in Montana and Alaska. It would take me weeks to research all the wonderful places to fish before I could decide on just one. This question is just too hard to answer.


Thanks, Kerrie for being here today. We look forward to reading your essay A Perfect Day along with the other great submissions on December 1, 2015.

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Monday’s interview, 11/30/15  is with Richard Welch, a former federal prosecutor and now a justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court, and author of numerous professional articles. All Rise! (Fish included.)


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