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Welcome to the second interview with the author/contributors of the soon-to-be-released anthology, The Water Holds No Scars: Fly Fishing Stories of Rivers & Rejuvenation, published by Tulip Tree Publishing, LLC.

Today’s contributing author interview is from Scott Scheffey. He is an Air Force veteran serving 23 years of military service. His family’s military roots have been traced back to the revolutionary war.  He mentioned writing his own author bio was more difficult than the numerous decorations and award packages for his troops. After reading his story and bio, I hope to honored to meet him in person some day.

A native of Pennsylvania, Scott’s submission in the anthology is titled Go Fish!



1)      Tell us about your first fly fishing rod and where you used it.

My first fly rod was one I built with the help of Project Healing Waters, Platte Rivers Chapter.  Using input from other members, I completed a 9 foot, 6 weight beauty.  I used that rod on my first fishing trip with PHWW to Dubois, Wyoming.   A gorgeous fly rod complimented a gorgeous habitat!

2)      You get the chance to write (but no fishing!) near a stream or pond. Your choice: Write with uninterrupted silence wondering if there are fish nearby, or; Write with fish constantly rising, slurping, and popping the surface the entire time. Which do you choose and why?

Uninterrupted silence.  Having fish beg for my attention would result in a wet pencil and paper.

3)      Do you have a favorite fly and/or a favorite writing pen (or place to write)? Tell us about it/them.

My favorite fly is one that will catch fish. I haven’t been too successful yet, so I can’t say which fly is my favorite.

4)      Every fly fisherman/woman has a favorite fishing story (other than the one in the book.) Tell us yours (succinctly as possible.)

My grandfather bought every grandkid a spin casting rod for their seventh birthday. I was the youngest and unfortunately he died when I was two. On the day before my seventh birthday my grandmother and mom found me sitting outside looking towards the Cedar Run (a small creek behind our house). I was preparing tackle so I could go find my buddies for a day of fishing.  They told me I could have a birthday present early if I’d like. I hesitated, for a minute or so, as I couldn’t decide between heading out to find my friends and opening a birthday present. The two of them told me I would put the gift to good use that day and urged me to accept their offer, and I did.  They brought out a long box wrapped in gift paper.  I thought it was BB gun. It was better. My grandfather had the foresight to buy my fishing rod 5 years earlier, just before he passed. They presented me with a 1966 Shakespeare spin casting rod. I still have that tan rod with maroon reel.

5)      Let’s test your writing skills. Write a standard haiku about fly fishing.

Fly fishing relax
Waist deep in water I stand
Beautiful fish caught

6)      Your final choice: You get to fish one place whenever you want, but only that place for the rest of your fishing days. Friends/family can come to fish with you, but cannot fish anywhere else. Where do you fish and why?

Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire. That’s where my brother-in-law, Mike, taught me to fly fish. I have my choice of navigating 72 square miles of crystal clear water, relaxing by gentle streams or challenging myself on a fast rolling river.  I can surround myself with others or find solitude among trees so thick my voice travels no further than the length of my fishing rod.


Thanks, Scott for being here today and we look forward to reading your essay, Go Fish! along with the other great submissions soon.


Tomorrow’s interview, 11/20.15 is with VA Doctor, Veteran, and distinguished author Milt Mays.  Be sure to visit and comment, which gets you another entry for the book giveaway.