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I recently “met” Jessica when I learned of the “Read and Review” challenge (HERE) that she organizes. Running from October through March, authors can give away their books to interested readers in return for a review. Be sure to check it out.


The final book of her Children of God series Redemption was released three days ago. You can learn more about it, and the other two, HERE.


It’s been a while since I’ve run an interview, so today we are honored to have Jessica on site answering the following six questions.


1) Tell us a bit about your writing journey. How did you get started, and how did you get to where you are now?
I love this question because I’m always so curious about everyone else. I started off taking my manuscript to the Southern California Writers Conference. It got recognized and a small press offered me a handshake deal on the spot. They did very well for me. The book wouldn’t be the same without one of their brilliant editors. They also got me published in Canada by AdA, in France by EditionsMilan, and in Taiwan by Sharp Point Press.

In the end, they had a lot of heart but were too small to take on as many projects as they did. They stretched themselves thin and couldn’t do much more for me.

I ultimately asked for my rights back because I was doing most of the marketing myself, and they were reaping the benefits.

My author friends and I had a brilliant idea. We started our own imprint called Acorn Publishing. We are all published under the same name, using the same logo, but we get to keep our own rights, our own money, and make our own decisions. It’s the best of both worlds. We control our books but still get to be a part of a collection of works supported by a great group of people.

It has been amazing. We’re accepting submissions if anyone is interested in checking us out. www.acornauthorservicesandpublishing.com

2) You lived in Taiwan for a year, learned Chinese, yet your books deal with Greek Gods. Does any of the Taiwan experience influence, or show up, in your books?
I know. I’m a weirdo. Who does that and then becomes an author? Me.

The two passions are completely separate. I had a blast in Taiwan, and now I’m having a blast writing.

Mixing the two worlds would feel strange to me.

3) What does your writing process look like?
Imagine a woman in her pajamas, typing a few words, then changing a diaper, typing another few words, then karate chopping to the batman theme across her living room to pretend fight her two-year-old, typing another few words…you get the idea 😉

4) Is there one subject you would never write about as an author? If so, what is it?
Politics. Blehck.

5) Success scenario: You land another 3 book deal with a major publisher. The caveat: the author of your choosing will critique your work, but to receive said critiques, the author of your choosing will sit across the table and watch you work, saying nothing until you complete each book? Who do you pick and why? Or do you opt out the deal?
Heck no I don’t opt out, lol! I get to hang out with one of my favorite authors and speak silent eyeball code talk all day? That’s way too fun to pass up.

It’s a toss up between my uber-awesome writing buddy Holly Kammier and JK Rowling. I have about a million questions for JK, but Holly would be a more comfortable choice.

6) Complete this sentence: When I decide to take a break and just get away from it all I usually . . . ?
Snuggle my baby and fall asleep.


Thanks Jessica for taking the time with the interview today.

See below for more about the Children of God Series and Jessica Therrien.



Lead Council member, Christoph, is dead by Elyse’s hand, and Descendants have begun to emerge, exposing their secret to the world. Some see this as the prophecy come to fruition, but the prophecy caries a heavy consequence. It was never meant to be as peaceful as most had hoped.

Humans and Descendants struggle to live together in a world that isn’t ready for such a change. America is divided. Those who glorify the supernatural race believe Descendants truly are the gods they claim relation to. Others see them as a threat.

When Elyse gives birth to the next generation oracle, she sees one final vision—war. The destruction of the country’s major cities, and the end of America as we know it.

After her daughter is born, Elyse finds herself without the ability she needs to predict the future. Desperate to save the world from such conflict, she puts her faith in the hope that Descendants are the key to survival. After all, they have the power to supply a broken society with the means to survive.

Only from the ashes can a new world be born.

The Children of the Gods Series

The Descendants have waited long enough for freedom…


UPRISING (Book #2)


About The Author:

JESSICA THERRIEN spent most of her life in the small town of Chilcoot, California, high up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In this town of nearly 100 residents, with no streetlights or grocery stores, there was little to do but find ways to be creative. Her mother, the local English teacher, inspired her to do all things artistic, and ultimately instilled in her a love for language. Jessica currently lives in Southern California with her husband and their two children.

You can visit her online at