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Though the words have been vacant here for a while, the thoughts, actions, and desires are still spinning. A couple of weeks ago, my friends over at Summit Stones put requests for haiku on the “Haiku For You Project” Facebook page Haiku For You Project on FB

The first: “Why we do what we do . . .” 

which resulted in:

The heart knows the way
Our time, our choices, our dreams
One step at a time.


The second: “The reflection from within your eyes . . .”
which came from an elder in my life which echoes from even older memories.

creating this:

Shining back at me
Through time of ancestors lives
Ever lasting love.


Thanks to Summit Stones for contributing to The Haiku For Your Project. These haiku (along with all other requested/live write-in event poems) will appear in the first volume of The Haiku For You Project book when I have acquired enough poems.

Be sure to visit Summit Stones webpage for great words of wisdom, encouragement, and life. Summit Stones Webpage