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It’s here again, like clockwork; the IWSG first Wednesday of the month post. Thanks to writer extraordinaire Alex Cavanaugh  for starting, and keeping this wonderful group alive. Be sure to visit our awesome co-hosts:

Nancy Gideon, Bob R Milne, Doreen McGettigan, Chrys Fey, Bish Denham, and Pat Garcia!

“No matter which way you are headed, if you are walking in the direction of which you face, you are moving forward.”

A path home

A path home

The Summer Slump

The summer slump continues; little writing, though the creative thoughts still pass through. A note here and there keeps the goods one around for later . . . whenever that might be. Life events create pauses, but also create opportunities.

Deep consideration of my current “writing status” proves it’s not as disastrous as my ego tries to convince me to believe. Considering the youthful age of my writing career, I’m often overwhelmed at the progress and success I’ve enjoyed.

At least I don’t question my good fortune nearly as often as I used to, having learned to accept that each submission is its own journey.  Like children, I can only set them on their path and let them decide which detour to take, which opportunity to pass on, and support them along the way. If they come home feeling lost or bruised, I can patch them up, offer a bit of wisdom or change, and let them go again.

I don’t write full time, nor relay on its income to put food on the table (thank goodness!) So I can’t expect to reap the rewards of a mildly successful, full-time writer, though I’m sure I could match my current salary if I did write as a means of living. Sure we’d downsize (a lot) but I’d be writing full time, right?

Don’t panic. There’s no need to worry about that happening. Soon, changes at my job will allow for a routine schedule, making it easier to schedule my writing life. Until then, I continue to count my blessings (including all of you that I have met along my writing journey) and know more success waits “round the bend” after more study, learning of craft, and several drafts of whatever I am working on.

This summer slump will end soon. A five day getaway to fly fish and write is ten short days away. Facing the blank screen and the draft of a novel in need of severe restructuring, for so many hours sends a tremor of fear down my spine. But that’s what the wine and chocolate is for, isn’t it?

From my home state...quality assured.

From my home state…quality assured.

Here’s to each of you, wishing you success on your own journey. Take a minute and share your success, near-success, potential success, or how you help overcome self-doubt when you feel it, in the comment section below. It’s great to hear from you.