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El Nino has been cruel to much of the fishing waters here in Colorado. Rivers are. or have. flooded recently. Lakes are already near capacity and spring runoff is only beginning. Fishable water is often crowded. A month ago I managed a few hours at a favorite haunt, spending some solo time on the water, snow still covering the shadowed banks of the lakes and river.

Spring Solitude

Spring Solitude

A great morning and afternoon with many fish. My heart smiled.

A bright spot of my day.

A bright spot of my day.

Now, there is little time or water to soothe my soul. I spent 45 minutes at Leaky Boat Lake, a small pond that holds numerous memories. But it’s been over fished and under cared for. Not much remains, just the memories. I won’t be going back.

Leaky Boat Lake: Goodbye.

Leaky Boat Lake: Final visit.

Trying to find a “fix,” I visited a local city pond/lake. In my belly boat for 2.5 hours, I managed a few fish in the net but the only picture I took didn’t even provoke a smile.


And now, travel, work, and life are intent on keeping me dry. Life goes on, the fish wait, someday I will return, when the time is right and not a moment sooner.


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