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My “formative” years coincided with the peak of Motown and I loved it. The dramatic lyrics, leisure suits, white shoes, choreographed dance moves, slides and sashays. Smooth as silk, indeed.

Forty years later, was I still influenced by years of those soft, sexy, sassy, songs? Watch the video, read my words below and then you decide.

Don’t be afraid to sing and slide along…no one is watching!


I stood on the edge of the back patio, the thirsty blades of grass scratching my toes. Overhead, the dark evening clouds provided cooler temperatures and hinted of rain. My gaze turned west, drawn to a small area of concentrated light. The setting sun refused to soften its hues. Isolated through an opening in clouds, its brilliance bathed the foothills. The atmosphere felt hesitant, yet stayed quiet. My thoughts meandered in the solitude. I relished the serenity.

Imperceptibly, the rain began. It stirred my attentiveness as it gathered intensity. Tilting my head back, my face exposed to the rain, I distinguished each drop–some big and some small. There was no other sound, no other sensation. Slowly the rain stopped. I exhaled with the clouds.

In the next moment, a flash of lightning and a sudden downpour. The rain hurtled earthward, loud as a rushing stream as it battered the leaves of the aspen trees. I listened to its fury hitting the pavement.

The water beat against my skin.
Unmeasured time passed.
The rain stopped.
Like the thirsty grass, my soul was refreshed.
My spirit smiled.

What has influenced your creative spark?