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I’m caught with my pen down, even after IWSG Captain Alex’s reminder on Monday, so I’m up a little late today.

Staring straight at a couple of deadlines (and thankful for that) but finding this period of life busier than planned, so of course feeling stressed and insecure about getting the work done.

When I do write, nothing else matters as I drift away with the words floating through my head and finding a place on paper. Even though I’m not writing as much as I’d like (the excuses are too long to list here) I have been reading daily, so I’m absorbing great work, most notably Laura Pritchett’s Stars Go Blue.

Don’t forget to visit today’s co-hosts:

Eva Solar
Melanie Schulz,
Lisa-Buie Collard,
Stephen Tremp!

For a quick smile, check out my post from yesterday about my characters in my first novel (draft stage 2) HERE . . . 

And finally, something that found me this morning that helped:



So how are you doing with your writing? Any insecurities popping up? Finding the time to be creative . . . even if it’s not writing?