Here’s Alex.

The main character. This is early on, where he’s happy. There is some development here as you can see the smile and he has eyes. I like him.

Here’s his daughter Shauna. She is about 9, maybe 10. Pretty happy here too, before bad things happen. I like her more, so she got clothes and round hands and feet.

Here’s Alex’s wife, Peg. She doesn’t last long either. Has some body issues, not many triangular’s running around in the novel. You can see, Shauna inherited her hands/feet.

 Here’s Peg leaving to take Shauna up canyon. This is a bit later in the story, as you can tell with their deeper development and interaction. Alex is a plumber, hence the tanktop T-shirt.

Third chapter, maybe. Shauna, now dead, but an angel. Happy in heaven cause she gets free wine.

A butterfly theme/connection runs throughout the story. As you can tell…a lot of deep complexities and development here.

So there you have it. In depth characters, riveting story line. Lots to absorb. Though this work is under complete reconstruction, I doubt I’ll need to change much to these deep, real-life characters. Waiting for the agents to start calling any day now.