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It’s IWSG Wednesday and though I’m huffing it in minutes before the deadline, this is still my favorite post/day of each month. Thanks to Alex Cavanuagh for hosting, promoting, and keeping us strong each month.

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I come to you today with a post written mere hours before the deadline. Panic has set in; not all of it bad. But Holy Crap is life crammed to the gills. So for today’s post, I offer tidbits of wisdom from last weekend’s Northern Colorado Writers 10th annual conference. (Man, oh man, you should have been there!)

“There’s a great sense of freedom in not giving a shit.”
Poet/Musician Jeff Finlin

“Weaknesses in a character are what make them interesting and bring your character into focus.”
Author Todd Mitchell

“The Author/Reader relationship is a connection. Not a transaction.”
Marketing guru Jon Bard

“On Queries: Cliche beginnings can pigeonhole your work; originality counts so stand out.” Literary Agent Kimiko Nakamura

“I didn’t write it – I just wrote it down.” Poet/Musician Jeff Finlin

“Don’t let the rhyme take over the book.” Children’s Book Guru Laura Backes

“Focus on internal rather than external problems by challenging your character in  emotional ways. The action in a story works best when it’s the external representation of an internal conflict.”
Author Todd Mitchell

“Start in the middle of the story, back story can be implied, dialogue tells more, use a defined physical space for the scene.”
On Short Fiction: Author/Editor Chantelle Aimee Osman

“What does logic have to do with writing?”
Poet/Musician Jeff Finlin

Here are the books I purchased at this year’s NCW 2015 Conference
(I suggest you get them, too!)
bobbingBobbing For Watermelons by April J Moore.
missMiss You Once Again by Kelly Baugh

Point of Direction by Rachel Weaver




birdsLet The Birds Drink In Peace
by Robert Garner McBearty





Begin: Tulip Tree Review Debut Issue:
Tulip Tree Publishing

Okay, so this last one is my contributor copy that was on sale at the conference. But you should still get your copy! Only $10!


We are accountable to our readers and owe them our best effort.
Write on, dear authors.