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Here it is, already March 4 and the first Wednesday of the month. Which means nothing less than another rousing edition of IWSG postings. Thanks again to Alex Cavanaugh for founding this outrageously supportive group. Please take time to visit this month’s co-hosts:

Chemist Ken,
Suzanne Sapseed
Shannon Lawrence

So here’s the deal: I have various tidbits of my work scheduled for publishing in March, April and May, which follows a great gig with Torrid Literature Journal in January. A pretty nice start to 2015. And, oh yeah, there’s my first ghost writing piece the client is happy with and work on a second, huge project has begun (he wants to go national/corporate with the final product.) Then there’s my newest endeavor, editing a fund raising fly fishing anthology (info HERE) which followed my first radio reading (forever known as “the lost tapes” as I didn’t get a copy), a podcast with fellow poet Lorrie Wolfe this Friday, waiting for feed back on my novels 1 & 2 drafts, ideas for a new poetry book and wait . . . I’ve got a day job and what the hell have I gotten myself in to?!


I still don’t know for sure, but it’s something that results in writing a contest editor to ask for forgiveness on a simultaneous submission that got accepted prior to contest decisions. Something like telling another editor you have to withdraw a piece from their magazine because you lost track of an earlier acceptance. Something like spending every free minute wondering how I can get any of this done. Something like I can’t wait for vacation and wondering how will I get anything done during our trip? Something that keeps me wanting nothing more than a few hours solitude on a quiet river fly fishing. (In February I was 4-for-4 on getting out for Friday fishing trips.) And please, something other than all this flippin’ snow! (And something that sidetracked me long enough to forget about this post until 3 hours before Wednesday arrives.)

And now, on top of that, I found out my books have been pirated, at least on one site, but that also nearly 1000 copies of my poetry book were supposedly down loaded for free. Yay, new readers, right? Or wait, WTF!?

So now what? All I know is that back in January I set new intentions for my work, my site here, and how I approach this wondrously crazy journey of writing. New meditations, lingering daily self doubt, (wine and chocolate for those times,) and a refined strength to stay my stormy, self-defined course has brought me here . . .

. . . with you.

For that, I am most grateful. *Group Hugs*


How’s your dedication, self doubt, successes, and/or setbacks affecting your writing?

Confess below . . . it’s good for the soul.