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Thanks to Insecure Writer’s Support Group head master Alex Cavanaugh and this month’s co-hosts, Elizabeth Seckman, Lisa Buie-Collard, Chrys Fey, and Michelle Wallace, for keeping the brood from going under! Visit their sites for great stuff.


Welcome to Dean K Miller’s restaurant of words. You can place an order or peruse the menu. Dean’s been serving words in various forms for nearly 30 years, but only recently self published his first two books via Hot Chocolate PressAn FAA air traffic controller for nearly 27 years, he writes and works in Northern Colorado. A professional member of Northern Colorado Writers, Inc., he is the Member Liaison. Fly fishing sets his mind at ease, which inspires new offerings here and other fine establishments.


Life never wins. But sometimes it gets in the way. Holidays can exacerbate one’s life setting. Emergencies pile on, creativity slips away. Day-by-day we tread, hoping the muck of the world doesn’t prevent us from moving forward. Bright spots and moments offer hope, but the ladder never unfolds, remaining tilted against the side wall.

Look to the future? Probably not for it’s uncertainty remains one of the few constants we know. Nope; it’s now we must live, it’s now we must write. Sentences complete, we look back, often to find the truth has changed and the words no longer apply. Yup; looking at the past doesn’t help much either.

The insecurity is now. The blank page stares back at us, mirroring our soul, screaming to be heard, wanting to be scratched and marked by something that matters.


Frozen in time, dare we break the ice and risk everything?

Or do we melt from the challenge and risk nothing?