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Another edition of fabulous first lines from 5 novels I’ve read.


“Bright-red tulips blooming—that’s the first thing I remember.”



Backwards by Todd Mitchell




“I barely had time to slide my hotel key card into the slot before a loud crash, thud, and clatter set my heart racing.”



The Desert Hedge Murders by Patricia Stoltey




“Francesca Catanzaro drummed her fingers on the command console.”



 The Toymaker by Chuck Barrett




“Bullshit,” I said to the gin-soaked fairy godmother standing next to me in the Royal Tux-We-R Shoppe.”



 Froggy Style: A F***ed-Up Fairy Tale
by J. A. Kazimer




“James Johnston saw forty-seven men die on the gallows.”



Folsom’s 93: The Lives and Crimes of Folsom Prison’s Executed Men by April Moore


If you would like to have your novel or non-fiction book featured here, send me the title, the books first line (not from prologue or introduction,) your name and website links to deankmillerATliveDOTcom.