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Before we get to the announcements, here’s an opportunity to share your knowledge. Alex Cavanaugh, mastermind of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group is celebrating three years of existence with a new collaboration project. Known as the IWSG Guide to Publishing and Beyond, Alex is soliciting IWSG members (yes, you must be a member to contribute!) to send (by Oct. 2, 2014) any article idea within the range of 200-1000 words on one of the following three topics:

** Writing
** Publishing

He has received more writing pieces than the other two, so if you’ve got perspective on Publishing and/or Marketing, CLICKETY-CLICK HERE to find out more. Thanks to Alex for another great project idea for us IWSG members.




Announcement 1: The collective author’s book titled How I Found the Write Path: A Compiliation of Letters hit the Kindle store yesterday. Priced at the always popular FREE, this compilation of over 60 authors writing to their younger, pre-published selves is the brain child of author Carrie Butler (INFO HERE) assisted by PK Hrezo (INFO HERE.)

Here’s the book description from the Amazon page: “In this endearing compilation, over sixty authors share letters written to their past selves, candidly sharing what they might not always discuss in public. The hope is that those of you who haven’t published will learn from their experiences. And those of you who have published? Well, you just might realize you’re not alone.”

And the really cool part, aside that it’s FREE, is that my letter-to-young-writer-self is included in the book!

Be sure to download your copy today. It’s a fun read and each author offers great advice to their former self—which you can use. Then you can purchase the author’s books (including mine) and see if we ever followed our own advice!

Announcement 2: Tomorrow is cover reveal day for my short story The Odyssey of the Monk. Excerpted from my first book And Then I Smiled: Reflections on a Life Not Yet Complete, the story follows a young monk who decides to leave the Buddhist Temple that cared for him after being orphaned as a small child. Each chapter chronicles the wisdom, learning, advice and instruction the Monk encounters and receives as he follows his own path.

The cover art and inside illustrations were done by Fort Collins, CO artist and author April J. Moore. (INFO HERE.)