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Back in the ’70s I journeyed through the middle grades (much like middle earth) and high school. Wandering and aimless, I never had a clear vision of my future. The one solid piece of life that I held onto was music. Never to be musically inclined, I still found something in song and melody that took me deeper than the surface of life. One song, “Radar Love,” was one of my favorites.

And now, after more than 26 years of staring at a RADAR scope in my career with the Federal Aviation Administration, I wonder if there was more to that song than I realized.  (Here’s the campy 1973 video which has nothing to do with airplanes!)

So tell me, was there a song that seemed to predict your current lot in life? Something like “Paperback Writer” from the Beatles, “Taxi” from Harry Chapin,  “The Scientist” by Coldplay, or “Leader of the Band” by Dan Fogelberg? (I think you get the idea.)

Leave your “predictor” music, movie or other media that at the time, you were captivated by/with, but didn’t know why, but now seems to have foretold your present situation in life.

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