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Her eyes bore into him from across the classroom, cutting through the armor he always wore, and in a voice that scraped through his resistance, she uttered,”Pink chip.”

Idea 33: A Regeneration (Book 1) by Sheala Dawn Henke




“The excitement in Loren’s eyes made Stony want to run outside the fly shop, pump a fist at the azure Rocky Mountain sky and scream Yes!”



The Guide by Milt Mays





“Daylight beckoned from the far end of the dark, cement-walled corridor.”


Shotgun Moon by K.C. McRae





“Tor was awake the moment the door to his room opened.”



The White Gates by Bonnie Ramthun




“Growing up the older sister of twin brothers was not always easy—at times it was downright infuriating.”


Planes, Trains and Chuck & Eddie by Kerrie Flanagan




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