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Once again, the first Wednesday of the month has arrived, and with it, continued insecurities and self-doubt plague this writer. Thank goodness it’s also Insecure Writer’s Support Group Wednesday. Captained by Ninja Master Alex Cavanaugh and helped by his trusty troops of writer’s, we get to share our worries and troubles, but also find solace and support from the amazing world of writer’s around us. Check out Alex’s blog HERE and IWSG’s blog HERE.

This month I step into new territory as I accepted an invitation to join a new critique group. I was invited to join this group once before, about 14 months ago, and declined for a couple of reasons. In late June of this year the group again invited me to join (are they that desperate?) and I took the plunge. A stable of highly educated ( a couple PhD’s)and successful writers (Competition award winners) occupy the group. As such, I am questioning my sanity. But challenge is the heart of growth, and they did invite me. . . twice. I look forward to learning much and hope (really, really hope) I can contribute without embarrassing myself (though if I did exit red-faced, it wouldn’t be the first time.)

Additionally, I’ve been stumped with my poetry collection. Having planned for a mid-August release, the collection sits waiting for action. Having taken an easy-out with the format/organization, my editor brought this to my attention (and thankfully so.) However, life has intervened and I haven’t written anything original or touched the manuscript in over two weeks. Now I find myself wondering if I’ll be able to pull it together in time for a September release and book signing event.

Is this the way to security?

Is this the path to security?

July into August hasn’t been all disasters as sprinkles of good news and new friends have buoyed my faith in the writing community, including the Indie Book Store scene. (News for another day.) For now, it’s a lot of deep breaths, patience and letting the processes sort themselves out.

What has been troubling your writing (and mind) lately? New projects, stuck projects, other things?

Let’s share and support each other.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Here’s to a great month (gulp!) ahead.