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Greetings all. So glad the first Wednesday of the month has come around again. It’s another edition of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, brainchild of writer extraordinaire Alex Cavanuagh. Visit his blog HERE and also check out this month’s Co-Host’s: 

Krista McLaughlin –HERE

Kim Van Sickler – HERE

Heather Gardner HERE

Hart Johnson – HERE

Last month we explored the possibility of becoming an author’s version of “Mr. Tanner” (HERE), as told by the late (and great) Harry Chapin. The singer, Mr. Tanner gets an audition, fails and calls it quits, never to sing publicly again.

Well, there’s on sure fire way to avoid that scenario: by being a “Rachel” as told in the Joshua Kadison song “Postcards from L.A.” Rachel is a waitress who dreams of making it big in L.A. But something always comes up and she ends up back in Eddie’s Bar, her dream never fulfilled.

So how about you? Do you find insecurity, doubt, or lack of support holding you back? Certainly there is nothing wrong with writing for writing’s sake. And if you want it kept private, by all means, do whatever makes your heart smile. But if you want your words to take flight, you have to find courage, support, and be willing to take the risk to set them free.

A great place to start is with the IWSG. Critique groups, a writing buddy, or a supportive significant other can help pry open the door to submissions, acceptance and excitement. If all else fails, drop me a line. I’ll read, comment, support and help you on your path however I can. Remember, don’t be a “Rachel.”

Write on, write well…the world is waiting for your words!