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Last week’s challenge proved to be a stumper. Although everyone figured out the book was in a book store, no guess was close enough to award the prize. The photo (below) is from the Tattered Cover Book Store on Concourse A at Denver International Airport (taken on the first leg of our journey to Spain back in March.)

Where Am I?

Here is this week’s challenge. Below are three photos taken within a two block radius. If you want to venture a guess, place it in the comments at the end of this post. The most correct answer wins a coffee gift card and a copy of the book (if you don’t already have one.) The winner will be announced next Tuesday.

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I am happy to announce that tomorrow (June 26) I’ll be guest posting at the blog of author Patricia Stoltey. I’ll be discussing inspiration and writing in quiet spaces…and of course, fly fishing is involved. Stop on by (CLICK HERE). There is a book giveaway and I’ll be stopping in throughout the day to say hi and respond to comments.

Next week will be an off week for Where Am I? Wednesday as it is the first Wednesday of the month and that means “Insecure Writer’s Support Group” day. I”ll be participating with another musical take on writing and conquering our insecurities.


CLICKETY-CLICK HERE to sign up and participate in this amazing monthly event. Created by Ninja Captain (and sci-fi writer) Alex Cavanaugh (found HERE) this is one of the coolest blog hops around.